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Mission statement

Mission statement

The Association is not for profit.
The Association, applying the principle of the development intended as the continuous promotion of the dissemination of knowledge and continuous training in particular for young people at first work experience, has set as its goal:
- The provision of training events focused on the design,
management and implementation of training courses;
- The development of technical projects and design-
advice aimed at all actors on the regional (Tuscany);
- development education with a focus on youth
- Dissemination of the results of experimental initiatives taken in the region
- The promotion of educational and training activities through the continued provision of programs in the engineering matters addressed to third parties.
The Association proposes to conduct its activities in can contact other properties belonging to the Tuscany region: universities, NGOs, International Organizations and national companies and local authorities, and public, remaining however, always distinct and autonomous 'not' submitting in any case to them.

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